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Your loved ones will thank you for taking the time to fill out this workbook for them…

Choosing an Executor is a difficult task.  It involves selecting a person you trust to handle all your affairs. Being an Executor is a thankless and often very difficult job. In essence, this person is doing you a favor by agreeing to perform this final task for you. In return, this workbook is the best thank you gift you can leave them. This is why I decided to call this workbook “Executor’s Dream”, because I truly believe that it is every executor’s dream to be able to find all the information needed in one place.

This workbook is for residents of the United States and Canada. As a citizen of both countries, I wanted to make sure that everyone could use it.

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Susan Babineau

Susan Babineau

Author, Executor’s Dream
President/Founder of Dezyne Benefits Inc.
CEO/Founder of Dezyne Services Inc.
President/Founder of Executor’s Dream Global Inc.

Susan Babineau was born in New England, USA and grew up in Atlantic Canada. She is a dual citizen. After her high school graduation, she decided to move back to the states and begin her life. In 2009, she returned to Atlantic Canada.
Susan’s career has been in administration, human resources, and most recently in insurance sales. In 2019, she began her own brokerage firm called Dezyne Benefits Inc. She wanted to do things differently and provide her clients with the best possible customer service in the industry.
It is in this spirit that Susan created Executor’s Dream. It was her way once to again to do things differently and provide a tool to make it easy for people to get their affairs in order for their loved ones.


I can’t believe how helpful this book is … everything is gathered in one place!

– Trish Melanson


Thank you for making it so easy to prepare my mother’s affairs.  It has put everyone’s mind at ease.

– Brenda Black


What a brilliant idea!  Thank you for doing most of the work for us – all we have to do now is fill in the blanks.

– Maurice Bolton

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